Software Testing

Our team works closely with Non-IT small to mid-sized companies to assist them in testing the software which they have planned to deploy or have been delivered to them from third-party vendors.

Our expert testing services will 

  • Analyze the requirements &/or changes that are required in the software and deliver a consolidated document to the third party vendor.
  • Moving a step ahead, our team will also ensure that customer is satisfied with the user friendly software that is deployed. The team will take care that a strong knowledge base and artefacts are created as per QA standards so that the Non-IT team can easily use the software.
  • Carry out the responsibility to cohesively coordinate, communicate and monitor the overall deployment cycle and ensure that the delivery of the end product is as per client requirements. This also includes aligning to the schedule so that the customer is unburdened with the IT Communication loop and can focus on his domain for growth.

Networking Set-up and Maintenance

FalconWit has an experienced team that provides optimum networking solutions & consulting for a variety of systems and requirements at a cost you can afford.

Our team is specialized in 

  • IT Infra-structure set up and upgrades
  • Desktop/server management
  • Providing solutions to Wi-Fi and CCTV Security set-up.

We develop and provide best fit cost-effective solutions that allow our customers to focus on their work productivity. We ensure good performance of the overall work set up done.