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  • Question time: [2019-12-31 19:25]

    Netizens ask: Do you want to ask your hospital to do second-generation IVF?

    Expert answer: Our hospital does not have this business for the time being.

    Admin reply [2020-01-02 09:58]

  • Question time: [2019-12-20 18:12]

    Netizens ask: Do a four-dimensional examination at 22 weeks of pregnancy find cervical insufficiency, the cervix is funnel-shaped, does your hospital have cervical cerclage surgery? I heard that there are risks. In addition to this operation, is there any other way to protect the baby?

    Expert answer: Dr. Huang Xiaoyan from our hospital is an expert in this operation. You can scan the QR code on the right of the screen to follow our WeChat public account. After entering the appointment, follow the prompts to make an appointment for Director Huang Xiaoyan.

    Admin reply [2019-12-23 09:56]

  • Question time: [2019-11-30 09:19]

    Questions from netizens: I feel itchy in my genitals, the leucorrhea is yellow and yellow, and sometimes red. I do n’t know if it ’s gynecological inflammation or what. May I come to your hospital for an examination?

    Expert answer: The symptoms you describe may need to be checked at the hospital before being judged. There are outpatient clinics in our hospital from Monday to Saturday. Welcome to scan the code to pay attention to our hospital's WeChat appointment.

    Admin reply [2019-12-02 10:50]

  • Question time: [2019-10-13 15:50]

    Questions from netizens: Where should you prepare for production in your hospital? Is there a list, ready to stock up, I don't know what to buy? During the hospital stay, mothers and babies wear their own clothes, or are they wearing hospitals. Does the baby help the bath or do they have to do the washing themselves? Can you give a detailed list, thank you!

    Expert answer: Please refer to the precautions for preparing the item: http://falconwit.com/news_show.php?id=1974

    Admin reply [2019-10-16 10:00]

  • Question time: [2019-10-10 23:17]

    Netizens ask: Does your hospital have a special surgery after ligation? Surgery or minimally invasive? Are you hospitalized after surgery? Is there any other way to consult?

    Expert answer: Our hospital does not have this specialty for the time being, please go to the relevant top three hospitals for consultation.

    Admin reply [2019-10-12 15:19]

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