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Fuzhou Children's Dental Prevention Center organizes provincial and municipal experts to supervise and evaluate the "Comprehensive Intervention Project for Children's Oral Diseases in Gulou District"

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From December 5th to 6th, 2019, under the organization of Fuzhou Children's Dental Prevention Center (linked to Fuzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital) and Gulou District Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the "Comprehensive Intervention Project for Children's Oral Diseases in Gulou District" ushered in The director of the Fujian Provincial Dental Prevention Center Office, Professor Su Baihua, the Director of the Fuzhou Children's Dental Prevention Center, Lin Shuxu, the Director of the Department of Stomatology of the Fuzhou Children's Hospital, Wei Fenghua, and other provincial and municipal hospital experts, as well as the members of the District Disease Control Center project team.

The supervision focused on examining the organizational arrangements, data management, service satisfaction rate, awareness rate of children's oral health knowledge, and intactness of pit and fissure closure of medical institutions undertaking a comprehensive intervention project for children's oral diseases in Gulou District. The supervision team selected children from 11 primary schools including Hongshan Elementary School and Hot Spring Elementary School in Gulou District. The supervision used questionnaires, oral examinations, telephone follow-up and data verification, and the results showed that children's oral health knowledge and popularization, parental satisfaction, and completeness of information were satisfactory. The supervision team randomly selected 220 primary and secondary students in 11 primary schools for oral cavity examinations. By checking that the children's dental surfaces were intact, the cavity and sulcus closure played a good role in preventing dental caries. After the supervision is over, the project team will summarize the data in a timely manner and distribute it to each unit to play a role of learning from each other and supervising each other. The comparison with previous years' data is insufficient to summarize and lay the foundation for the next year.

The children and children in Gulou District, Fuzhou City, carried out the closure of the trenches for free for 4 years and received unanimous praise from all walks of life. The development of the project has raised everyone's awareness of oral health, reduced the incidence of dental caries in children, and played a leading and demonstrative role in implementing the child caries prevention goals of the Fuzhou Work Plan for the Prevention and Treatment of Chronic Diseases (2018-2025). Fuzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital will spare no effort to escort children's oral health in Fuzhou!

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