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Dysmenorrhea, be wary of endometriosis! !! !!

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"These days" of each month

Many female friends are close to the enemy

In their eyes

No experience is more terrible than dysmenorrhea

30-year-old Kobayashi suffered from severe dysmenorrhea, which did not attract her much attention. Until a year ago, as the dysmenorrhea worsened and needed to be relieved by painkillers, she came to Fuzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital Ask for help.

Lin Danmei, Chief Physician, Fuzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital:

After the abortion four years ago, the patient was not pregnant without contraception. At the same time, the patient had dysmenorrhea. After examination, he found a cyst in the ovary and an endometriotic cyst. Laparoscopy was performed and the cyst was removed. The operation was successful and the patient was pregnant.

According to the doctor, because there is no good way to prevent endometriosis, only early detection and early treatment can be achieved. If women are suffering from dysmenorrhea and infertility, it is best to see a gynecologist to rule out whether it is endometriosis.


Neither inflammation,

Nor a tumor,

But has the characteristics of malignant tumor proliferation, spread and metastasis


How do female friends find out and treat early?

Dialogue expert

What are the symptoms of endometriosis?

1.DysmenorrheaDysmenorrhea is the most typical symptom of endometriosis

2.Menstrual abnormalities can be manifested as excessive menstruation or cycle disturbances

3. Infertility

How to prevent endometriosis?

Marriage of appropriate age

Late-fertility women, especially those with dysmenorrhea, should give birth as soon as possible.

2. Drug contraception

Women who have children or have no birth plan, if they have dysmenorrhea, they can choose oral contraceptives under the guidance of a doctor to prevent contraception and reduce the incidence of endometriosis.

3. Prevent menstrual flow

4. Prevent the occurrence of iatrogenic endometriosis

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