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Gestational diabetes is not scary, "sugar moms" need to pay attention to diet and exercise

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Pregnancy is not easy

Some people do not get pregnant easily

Some people are pregnant

But have all kinds of happy "troubles"

Recently, Ms. Chen, full of joy, took her baby to the Fuzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital for routine examinations. At first, Ms. Chen was pregnant, but encountered great troubles. Ms. Chen was diagnosed with gestational diabetes by OGTT at 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Ms. Chen:

When I was pregnant, I weighed too much. I usually like to eat sweets and fried foods, and I do n’t pay much attention to exercise. In addition, I was older when I was pregnant. Gestational diabetes.

The doctor adjusts and formulates a recipe that matches the energy during pregnancy according to the patient's weight, labor, meals, blood sugar, and other conditions, plus reasonable exercise time every day, so that the pregnant woman's weight and fetal growth steadily increase.

As long as you maintain a good lifestyle of science, reasonable diet and regular exercise, gestational diabetes is not as scary as you think. So what is gestational diabetes? What impact will it have?

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Impact of pregnancy on diabetes

Pregnancy can cause GDM in pregnant women without previous diabetes, and also exacerbate the pre-diabetes patients. If you do not reduce the amount of insulin in time, you will be prone to hypoglycemia during fasting, delivery, and postpartum discharge. The hypoglycemia in pregnant women will lead to insufficient fetal energy and affect the development of brain nervous system. When severe hypoglycemia occurs, pregnant women will Coma or convulsions and even death occur, and the damage to the fetal brain is irreversible.


Impact of diabetes on pregnancy

The effect of pregnancy combined with diabetes on the mother and child and its degree depend on the condition of diabetes and the level of blood glucose control. People with severe illness or poor blood glucose control have a great impact on mothers and children, and affect pregnant women: such as increased amniotic fluid, prone to infection, hypertension during pregnancy, ketoacidosis, increased trauma and cesarean delivery, postpartum Increased risk of diabetes; effects on the fetus and neonates: such as fetal malformations, increased miscarriage, increased risk of gigantic infants, intrauterine distress or even intrauterine death, and hypoglycemia in neonates, studies have shown that pregnancy with diabetes The offspring of patients with diabetes and obesity are significantly higher than normal pregnant women.


Methods for treating gestational diabetes

"Five carriages": health education, medical nutrition therapy, exercise therapy, self-monitoring, and finally drug therapy.

The exogenous insulin currently used in drug treatment is that the macromolecular protein does not pass through the placenta, so it will not cause adverse effects on the fetus, nor will it have a long-term effect on pregnant women's endogenous insulin secretion, so after 3-5 days of nutrition and Exercise therapy, if the blood sugar is still not up to standard, insulin therapy should be used as soon as possible.

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