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"Writing the Story of Lei Feng in the New Era" —— Fuzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital volunteered for the "12 5 International Volunteer Day"

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34个国际志愿者日,为弘扬国际志愿者服务精神,12月4日上午,福州市妇幼保健院志愿团队赴鼓楼区鼓东街道中山路中山社区广场参加由省委宣传部、省委文明办等部门委托福州市鼓楼区文明委主办的“书写新时代的雷锋故事”——“125国际志愿者日”志愿服务活动。 December 5, 2019 is the 34th International Volunteer Day, in order to promote the spirit of international volunteer service. In the morning of December 4, the volunteer team of Fuzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital went to Zhongshan Community Plaza, Zhongshan Road, Gudong Street, Gulou District The Department of Publicity, Provincial Party Committee's Civilization Office and other departments entrusted the Fuzhou City Gulou District Civilization Committee with the "Writing a New Era Lei Feng Story"-"12 5 International Volunteer Day" volunteer service activity. December 4 is also the sixth "Constitution Publicity Day" in our country. Volunteers from this institute combined with this volunteer service to carry out publicity activities for laws such as the Constitution.

,各个志愿者团队缤纷而至,现场人潮涌动,我院派出妇产科、儿科、内科、外科等医师团队为前来中山社区广场活动、游览的群众免费提供妇幼健康咨询、医疗保健小常识及普法宣传等服务,并发放专科特色的健康知识宣传材料,以实际的行动践行理想展示志愿者风貌,得到了广大群众的热烈欢迎和一致好评。 During the period , various volunteer teams arrived and the crowd was on the spot. Our hospital sent a team of physicians such as obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, internal medicine, and surgery to provide free maternal and child health consultation and medical care for the people who came to the Zhongshan Community Plaza. Services such as common sense and law promotion, as well as the distribution of health education materials with special characteristics, demonstrate the ideals of volunteers with practical actions, and have been warmly welcomed and praised by the masses. There were also activities such as reading volunteer initiatives, volunteer team performances, and commending Fujian outstanding volunteers and voluntary groups in 2018. The activities were wonderful, allowing the masses to have an intuitive understanding and understanding of volunteer services, and attracting more people to join volunteering. In the procession.

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