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Fuzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital Nursing Department conducts training on "Nurses Regulations" and "Nurse Codes"

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In order to further study and publicize and implement the "Nurse Regulations", enable all nurses to know, understand, and abide by the law, and promote the healthy development of the nursing team. On the 11th anniversary of the implementation of the "Nursing Regulations", the Nursing Department of our hospital organized the nurses of the hospital to conduct trainings on the regulations and norms of "Nursing Regulations" and "Nurse Rules" in the conference room on the afternoon of May 9.

The training was taught by Lin Aifeng's supervisor, who studied and interpreted the contents of 35 chapters in the Six Chapters of the Nurses Regulations and ten articles in the Nurses Code. The strong learning atmosphere at the conference allowed all nurses to have a deeper understanding of nurse registration, rights, obligations, legal responsibilities and team building. After the meeting, the nurses stated that they will continue to practice according to law, regulate their own behaviors, and protect their rights and interests. At the same time, they will continue to inherit and promote the Nightingale spirit, based on the post, serve the people, be brave, and forge ahead, and create in ordinary jobs. Outstanding performance.

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