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Fuzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital held a lecture on legal knowledge

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In order to further implement the important exposition of General Secretary Jinping ’s comprehensive administration of the country in accordance with the law and deepen the practice of administering the country according to law, strengthen the institute to popularize the legal system, promote the spirit of law, and cultivate a culture of rule of law in the implementation of laws and regulations. 敏峰律师授课。 On the afternoon of November 22, 2019, Fuzhou Maternity and Child Health Hospital held a lecture on legal knowledge. In particular, Mr. Guo Minfeng , associate professor and associate professor of Fujian Jiangxia University School of Law, was invited to give a lecture. The lecture was hosted by Huang Juanxiu, the assistant to the dean. The director of the clinical department of the hospital, the head nurse and some medical staff attended the lecture.

Attorney Guo Minfeng explained the legal issues in daily medical care in detail from a professional point of view in the light of medical disputes and medical accidents that occurred in various parts of the country in recent years, and told medical staff how to go with patients with vivid words and vivid examples. Effective communication and fulfillment of notification obligations. The lecture runs through laws and regulations such as the "Law of Physicians", "Regulations for the Management of Nurses", "Regulations for the Prevention and Handling of Medical Disputes", and emphasizes that medical workers must provide high-quality medical services to patients wholeheartedly in the work, protect the legitimate rights and interests of patients, and comply with medical treatment At the same time as the code of conduct, we must also learn to protect our rights by using laws such as the Tort Liability Law and the Judicial Interpretation of Supreme Court Medical Damage.

The launch of this lecture on legal knowledge has greatly educated and alerted all staff members at the meeting, further enhanced the awareness of laws and regulations, played a positive role in regulating the behavior of medical staff, building a hospital that the people are satisfied with, and improving the good image of medical staff. In addition to busy clinical work, medical staff should consciously strengthen their legal literacy. Stay alert in your daily work and abide by laws and regulations to ensure patient safety and your own safety. In the future, hospitals will also hold more similar trainings to form a good safety culture among medical staff and reduce the occurrence of medical disputes at the source.

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