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Fuzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital Labor Union's survey announcement on purchasing 2020 birthday cake

时间: 2019-11-22 Browsing times: 1985Time : 2019-11-22

Our hospital plans to hold a survey on union birthday cake in the hospital in the near future. The survey will follow the principles of openness, fairness, impartiality, and integrity.

I. Research content:

年生日蛋糕提供采购方案,人均200元。 The labor union of our hospital provided a purchase plan for the distribution of 2020 birthday cakes, and the per capita was 200 yuan.

Application requirements:

年未发生重大质量安全事故,未发生生产、销售假劣产品的行为,无重大违规记录等不良记录。 The supplier shall be an enterprise capable of producing, operating and credit with high quality in accordance with the law. There have been no major quality and safety accidents in the past three years, no acts of producing or selling fake and inferior products, and no bad records such as major violation records. (Provide a letter of commitment)

3. Registration and Extraction:

Provide a valid "Corporate Legal Person Business License", "Organization Code Certificate", "Tax Registration Certificate", Legal Representative's Authorization Letter (with a copy of the legal representative and authorized person's ID card), the legal representative only needs to provide the bid A copy of the legal person's ID card (Note: the copy is stamped with the official seal), the physical atlas material and the design plan.

1122日至20191128When: November 22 , 2019 to November 28 , 2019

号本院4号楼二层党办 Address: Party Office, Second Floor, Building 4, No. 85 Liuyi Middle Road, Gulou District, Fuzhou

Contact: Ms. Zhang, Ms. Liu

87553497-861087553497-8611 87110562 , 87553497-8610 , 87553497-8611

4. Time and place of market research meeting:

1129(周五)下午230分(如有变动另行通知) Time: 2:30 pm, November 29 , 2019 ( Friday ) (subject to change)

号本院4号楼三层会议室 Address: Meeting Room, 3rd Floor, Building 4, No. 85 Liuyi Middle Road, Gulou District, Fuzhou

Submission materials: Submit paper-based procurement plans and physical catalogs on the day of the survey.

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1122 November 22 , 2019

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