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City Health and Health Committee Leaders Investigate and Guide the Development Plan of Our Hospital

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5 日下午,市卫健委叶晓霞副主任、于萍调研员、 妇幼处吴素静处长、刘丽特副处长 莅临我院开展主题教育和服务基层活动,对我院功能定位与发展规划等进行调研和指导。 On the afternoon of November 5 , Deputy Director Ye Xiaoxia of the Municipal Health and Health Committee, investigator Yu Ping, director Wu Sujing of the Women and Children's Division , and deputy director Liu Lite visited our hospital to carry out thematic education and service grassroots activities to position our hospital's functions and development planning And other research and guidance. Dean Xia Yong and the head of the relevant department accompanied the investigation.

详细汇报了我院功能定位及中长期发展三个阶段规划。 Dean Xia Yong reported in detail the three-phase planning of our hospital's functional positioning and mid- and long-term development. 健康中国 2030” 规划纲要》,我院把以治病为中心转变为以人民健康为中心,不断满足人民群众日益增长的对美好生活的向往。 In accordance with the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's speech at the National Health and Health Conference and the " Outline of the " Healthy China 2030 " Plan, our hospital has transformed the focus on treating diseases into a focus on people's health, and has continuously satisfied the people's growing good life. Yearning. At present, the first stage mainly focuses on hospital construction and development of clinical disciplines. On the one hand, it fills the shortcomings and on the other hand, it consolidates the health care foundation. Based on the hospital's functional positioning and mid- and long-term development planning, actively explore the characteristics of maternal and child health care in the new period, focus on strengthening the connotation construction of maternal and child health care, give play to its business advantages and characteristics, develop dislocations, cultivate regional influence, and strive to provide comprehensive information for the entire life cycle of women and children. Full chain service.

At the survey meeting, Deputy Director Ye Xiaoxia conveyed the instructions of the Secretary of the Municipal Health and Health Commissioner Guo Chunxi. First, combined with the guidance of the Director of the National Health and Health Commission's Department of Women and Children, Qin Geng, who came to our hospital for investigation, to further improve the development goals of the hospital and avoid detours; Second, in the early stage of the development of the new hospital, it is necessary to maintain the entrepreneurial spirit of the officers, encourage business expansion, and make new breakthroughs in the characteristics of women and children. Deputy Director Ye emphasized that the hospital should make good use of the government's related policies to support the construction and development of our hospital to achieve the expected goals; it should learn from the experience of mature maternity and child health hospitals in other cities and cities, and give full play to our hospital's superior disciplines and characteristic projects, focusing on prevention. Develop business, consolidate health care, supplement shortcomings, and realize the integration of health care and clinical practice. At the same time, strengthen the education of staff's medical ethics and style, and continuously meet the people's needs for a better life with high-quality services.

Investigator Yu Ping said that the hospital has a clear function positioning, a grand development plan, and a promising development prospect. Researcher Yu also emphasized that at present, hospitals must not only develop clinical business, but also consolidate health care work, and further innovate and expand, and at the same time, they must conscientiously perform public health functions assigned by the government. There is much to be done in health care. Hospitals need to think about how to seize opportunities to achieve peak development under the current medical situation. In terms of talent introduction, we must not only pay attention to the introduction of medical professionals, but also the introduction of talents in other specialties, such as information professionals required for the construction of information hospitals.

了解我院建设发展 2019 年目标完成进度情况,对我院工作成效给予肯定。 The research team also learned in detail about the progress of the construction and development of our school in 2019 , and affirmed the effectiveness of our work.

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