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Fuzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital Medical Liability Insurance Survey Announcement

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In order to cooperate with the construction of our new hospital and follow the principles of openness, fairness, impartiality, and integrity, our hospital plans to hold a medical institution liability insurance market survey in the near future.

调研内容: I. Research content:

医责险)的保险责任系投保医疗机构在保险期内,因医患纠纷发生经济赔偿或法律费用,保险公司依照约定承担人的赔偿责任。 The insurance liability of medical institution liability insurance ( medical liability insurance ) refers to the insurance company that incurs financial compensation or legal expenses due to medical disputes between patients and patients during the insurance period. It covers civil liabilities such as medical faults, improper services, incomplete notifications, and medical responsibilities for medical equipment and quotations, as well as civil liabilities for venues, and fair responsibilities when both the doctor and the patient have no fault.

The insurer of medical liability insurance shall, according to the actual situation of the hospital, formulate an insurance plan for the hospital that meets the actual needs, and promise to provide additional services such as claims services and assistance in risk management as agreed in the insurance contract.

Qualification requirements of bidders

、投标人必须是在中华人民共和国境内注册、经中国保险监督管理委员会批准成立的保险公司,须提供加盖公章的工商营业执照、税务登记证书、组织机构代码复印件(或加盖公章的三证合一的营业执照)2 、投标人具有中国保险监督管理委员会颁发的经营保险业务许可证。 1. The bidder must be an insurance company registered in the People's Republic of China and established with the approval of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission, and must provide a copy of the official industrial and commercial business license, tax registration certificate, and a copy of the organization code ( or the official seal Business license with three certificates in one ) ; 2. The bidder has a business insurance business license issued by the China Insurance Regulatory Commission. 、投标人以省级分公司名义参加投标的,须提供总公司针对本项目的唯一授权书。 3. If the bidder participates in the bidding in the name of a provincial branch, it must provide the only authorization letter issued by the parent company for this project.

、遵守国家法律、法规,具备良好商业信誉,近三年在经营活动中没有违法、违规记录。 4. Comply with national laws and regulations, have good business reputation, and have no record of violations of laws and regulations in business activities in the past three years.



  11 01-----20191110 November 01 , 2019 ----- November 10 , 2019

  8:30-11:30 ,下午 2:30-5:30 周末节假日除外) ( 8: 30-11: 30 am , except 2: 30-5: 30 pm, weekends and holidays)

85 号本院 4 号楼二层党办 Address: Party Office , Second Floor, Building 4, No. 85 Liuyi Middle Road , Gulou District, Fuzhou

0591-87553497-8610 Contact: Ms. Zhang 0591-87553497-8610

4. Time and place of market research meeting:

2019 11 15 When: November 15, 2019 3:00 (如有变动另行通知) 3:00 pm on the day (subject to change)

85 号本院 4 号楼三层会议室 Address: Meeting Room, 3rd Floor, Building 4, No. 85 Liuyi Middle Road , Gulou District, Fuzhou

Submission materials: a copy of the business license and related qualification certificates, the original power of attorney and a copy of the ID card (note: all with official seal).

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