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Prevent accidental injuries to children and don't let tragedies repeat

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In August this year, an eight-month-old baby was admitted to an emergency center of a hospital in Fuzhou. When he was playing, he accidentally thrust a toothbrush into the cavity and directly penetrated the skull. With the cooperation of multidisciplinary doctors, he successfully pulled out the toothbrush . Coincidentally, in the same month, a three-year-old girl from Fuzhou accidentally stuck her head into the bedside fence when she was playing on the bed by herself. Pieces by piece of accidental injury, terrible and shocking. The issue of children's safety has once again become the focus of attention.

In addition to accidents, the frequent causes of child safety accidents are more casual and inadequate estimates of dangers, which have caused irreparable tragedies. Safety should be prevented beforehand, prevent accidental injuries to children, and start from small things in daily life.

1. When the child takes a bath, put cold water first, then heat the water, adjust the water temperature, and then give the child a bath to avoid causing baby burns.

2. Pack up small and round objects such as glass beads, coins, button batteries, etc., so as not to be swallowed by your baby, or stuffed into your ears, nose, etc., causing tragedy.

3. Don't leave your child alone in the car, especially in midsummer. Because the space is closed, the child is prone to hypoxia and may even die from suffocation.

4. Keep children away from thermos bottles, hot dishes, hot soups, etc., to avoid causing burns.

5. Do not let children touch sharp objects with long handles, such as chopsticks, toothbrushes, etc., to avoid safety accidents.

6. Ensure that there is no power switch below 90 cm from the floor, and ensure that all electrical sockets are equipped with protective covers.

7. Teach your children not to play with lighters, matches and gas switches to prevent burns and gas poisoning.

8. Disinfectant and detergent in the bathroom should be placed out of the baby's reach to prevent the baby from mistakenly considering it as a drink and taking it by mistake.

9. If there is sharp-edged furniture in the home, be sure to stick anti-collision strips and anti-collision angles, and regularly check whether they fall off to prevent children from being injured.

10. Ladder railings and balcony anti-theft nets, tell children not to play near the balcony windowsill or on the roof of the building.

On weekdays, parents must do their best to guard their responsibilities, do not keep the baby out of their sight, and never leave the child alone, even for a while. In the event of an accident, parents must first remain calm, and if they cannot resolve it themselves, they can ask for help 120 and 119, and must not act recklessly to avoid unnecessary harm. Only by raising the awareness of safety can we ensure that the babies develop harmoniously and physically.

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