Maternity School Schedule for September 2019

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Congratulations on your pregnancy. Here are some things to know:

2019 年理论授课时间为每周二、 1.The theoretical teaching time in 2019 is every Tuesday, Four am (except holidays). All courses are free, so please schedule according to the schedule and listen as soon as possible.

、整个孕期建议您完成所有课程,其中《妊娠风险》、《孕期营养与体重管理》、《母乳喂养》、《促进自然分娩》是孕期推荐必听的课程。 2. It is recommended that you complete all courses throughout pregnancy. Among them, "Pregnancy Risk", "Pregnancy Nutrition and Weight Management", "Breastfeeding", and "Promoting Natural Birth" are recommended courses that must be heard during pregnancy.

、《妊娠风险》是孕妇学校开班第一课,每次开课都有授课, 无需预约! 3. "Pregnancy Risk" is the first lesson of pregnant women's school. There are lectures every time, no appointment is required!

、孕 24 周后糖耐量试验,请进入孕校课堂静坐等候抽血。 4 , glucose tolerance test after 24 weeks of pregnancy , please go to the pregnancy school to sit and wait for blood.

Lecture date

9: 00-10: 00

10: 00-11: 00


3 September 3

Health and mental health during pregnancy


陈彩燕 Han Juan / Chen Caiyan

5 September 5

Nutrition and weight management during pregnancy

Promote natural delivery

何金莲 Chen Caiyan / He Jinlian

10 September 10

Common discomforts and management during pregnancy


唐婕 He Jinlian / Tang Jie

12 September 12

Birth Defect Prevention Week

17 September 17

Postpartum health care

Promote natural delivery

闫俊芳 Tang Jie / Yan Junfang

19 September 19

Newborn care


郑慜韬 Yan Junfang / Zheng Yantao

24 September 24

Health and mental health during pregnancy

Promote natural delivery

王华 Zheng Yantao / Wang Hua

26 September 26

Nutrition and weight management during pregnancy


黄秀灵 Wang Hua / Huang Xiuling

Course location:

3 号楼 2 层胎教小课堂,活动安排在 3 号楼 4 层孕妇学校教室。 In order to make it easier for pregnant women to listen to the nearby class, classes usually take place in the second- floor prenatal education classroom in Building 3 , and activities are arranged in the Maternity School Classroom on the fourth floor in Building 3 .

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