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Voice of Leadership-Health for Everyone-May 2019 International Nurses' Day and 5.5 International Midwife's Day Celebrations

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In May, the branches are full of flowers. In this colorful season, we ushered in the 108th International Nurses' Day and the 28th International Midwife's Day. The Nursing Department of our hospital organized a series of celebrations from May 5 to May 12, focusing on the theme of the International Nurses Association's International Nurses Day 2019, "Nurses: The Voice of Leadership-Health for All".

One of a series of activities: "Happy delivery room, gentle delivery" popular science public lecture

To celebrate the 5.5 International Midwifery Day, on this special and meaningful day, the nursing staff of the obstetrics and gynecology department of our hospital and the expectant mothers and dads met together and entered the Wushan community to conduct a "happy delivery room, gentle delivery" science public welfare lecture. This popular science public welfare lecture provided prospective mothers and prospective parents with knowledge and skills related to understanding childbirth, coping with childbirth, and happy births; on-site provided the majority of prospective mothers, new mothers, and family members with relevant knowledge and skills on home care for newborns: such as Newborns bathe, touch, dress, change diapers, hold milk, milk. More than 50 expectant mothers, new mothers and family members participated in the event, with more than 30 consultations and about 400 copies of relevant promotional materials distributed.

Series of activities two: "Promote breastfeeding and ensure the safety of mothers and infants"

On the morning of May 9th, the midwife of the obstetrics and gynecology department of our hospital held a "breastfeeding knowledge lecture" in the school of pregnant women. The content mainly focused on the promotion of breastfeeding. Advocating breastfeeding was the best gift for mothers to babies. The site explained the benefits of breastfeeding, the importance of first breastfeeding and how to achieve exclusive breastfeeding knowledge. The expectant mothers present listened very carefully and carefully. From their eyes, we can see that their love for their children and the greatness of their motherly love.

Series III: "Kids' Eyes-Let's Guard Together"

On the afternoon of May 9th, the Nursing Department organized nursing staff in our hospital, and specially invited ophthalmologists to the kindergarten directly under the municipal government to conduct a special lecture on "child astigmatism diagnosis and treatment and myopia prevention and control" and health clinic activities. After the lecture, they had a enthusiastic interaction with the parents at the scene, and answered in detail the diagnosis and treatment of children's eye astigmatism and how to prevent and control myopia. They also tested the refractive status of the children's vision for free, and learned about myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. More than 100 children and their families participated in the event, with more than 100 consultations and the distribution of more than 400 related promotional materials.

Activity 4: "Tenderness for women and children" condolences to clinical nurses

On the morning of May 11, the head of our hospital, Xia Yong, secretary Lin Danmei, and director of the hospital's assistant Huang Juanxiu, took the comrades of nursing to the clinic to give condolences to the nurses, and sent cakes, flowers and "you worked hard!" I wish all the nurses a smooth and safe work. Let's work together for the development of the maternity and child care hospital! "And other enthusiastic holiday messages. The nursing staff of the hospital thank the hospital leaders for their recognition, encouragement and expectation of nursing work! And expressed that with a full of blessings and expectations, with a new attitude, take a more solid step and compose a new movement for the development of the nursing team!

The fifth series of activities: "Walk with healthy walking, be with health" healthy walking activity

On the afternoon of May 11th, the Nursing Department of our hospital organized more than 20 nursing staff to participate in the "walking with health, staying with health"-Wushan Park walking activity. Enriched the stylistic life of the nursing staff in our hospital, advocated that all nursing staff actively participate in fitness activities, strengthen the cohesion of the nursing team, and inspire everyone to devote themselves to the construction of women's and children's hospitals with a fuller enthusiasm and healthy body.

Through the "5.12" International Nurses Day and 5.5 Midwifery Day celebrations, all nursing staff in our hospital will continue to uphold the spirit of Nightingale with dedication, love, and selfless dedication, and based on their positions, let our women and children fly. Dream, and practice our hospital's spirit of "love, harmony, sincerity, innovation" to help the "ship of women and children" set sail!

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