The undergraduate has 18 medical and nursing staff. The department adheres to the maternal and child health work policy of “taking health care as the center and guaranteeing reproductive health. The combination of health care and clinical care is oriented to the grassroots and the group.” Undertake business guidance for women's health care in the city, maternal death monitoring, critical hospital monitoring and birth defect monitoring. The department provides health services such as perinatal health clinics, gynecological clinics, Chinese medicine gynecology clinics, thematic clinics (cervical disease), family planning surgery clinics, and pre-marital medical examinations. The department has advanced medical equipment such as LEEP knife, digital electronic colposcope, multifunctional microwave therapy instrument, and Doppler fetal heart rate instrument. All medical staff in the gynecology department have continually improved their business level with superb medical technology and excellent service attitude to better serve the people.

Main service items:

Perinatal health clinics: provide eugenics consultation, pre-pregnancy and pregnancy health care, eugenics and prenatal education, birth defect prevention and screening services, etc. Obstetric clinics have general clinics and high-risk clinics. High-risk outpatient clinics are managed by senior physicians who are seniors or older, and provide diagnosis and treatment and health guidance for high-risk pregnant women identified by screening. There is also a fetal monitoring room to provide fetal heart monitoring to help make judgments on the fetal condition.

Gynecology clinic: diagnosis and treatment of various gynecological common diseases, frequently-occurring diseases and various difficult and critical diseases.

TCM Gynecology Clinic: The combination of traditional Chinese and western medicine has a good clinical effect on the treatment of gynecological diseases such as infertility, gynecological endocrine diseases, pelvic inflammation, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, cervical disease and menopausal syndrome. .

Cervical disease special clinic: mainly covers the diagnosis and treatment of cervical, vaginal, vulvar, perianal and other lesions. Such as vulva, vagina, cervical inflammation, precancerous lesions and tumors and genital genital warts.

Family Planning Surgery Clinic: Family planning surgery, such as: Sheung Wan, ring removal, abortion, etc. Uterine tubal drainage, segmented curettage, and curative curettage.

Pre-marital health care: Free pre-marital health care, pre-marital medical examinations, pre-marital health guidance and health consultation services for both men and women who are about to get married. According to the "People's Republic of China's Maternal and Child Health Law", "Implementation Measures of the People's Republic of China's Maternal and Child Health Law" and related laws and regulations, in accordance with the "serious, serious, kind, and confidential" working principle Both parties provide high-quality pre-marital health care services and work to improve the quality of life and quality of the birth population. Services include: pre-marital medical examination, pre-marital health guidance, pre-marital health consultation.

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