The main contents of the marriage check include:

First, pre-marital medical examination, that is, asking medical history, doing a full physical examination and laboratory examination. Inquiry of medical history, sexually transmitted diseases, leprosy, mental illness, infectious diseases, important organs and genitourinary diseases, intellectual development disorders and other diseases that are closely related to marriage and childbirth are the focus of the inquiry; Examination of secondary sexual characteristics; laboratory examination, chest X-ray, routine hematuria, hepatitis B, gonorrhea, syphilis, etc. are required items for laboratory examination, and semen examination, chromosome karyotype analysis, and electroencephalogram examination are necessary .

Second, pre-marital health guidance, including basic knowledge about sexual health and education, new marriage contraceptive knowledge and family planning guidance, preparation before conception, the impact of environment and disease on future generations.

3. Pre-marital health consultation, answering, exchanging opinions, and providing information on abnormal conditions found in medical examination results and questions raised by clients.

On the one hand, the marriage check is to perform a physical examination for the newcomer, and to diagnose and treat the diseases found early, so as not to affect the life after marriage. On the other hand, it can also be found whether there is a hereditary disease in both the man and the woman and the family, so that doctors can make recommendations from the perspective of medicine, eugenics, etc., to help both parties make marriage and childcare decisions to reduce and avoid the birth of children with genetic illness. The marriage check actually protects the quality of the marriage for both parties and is good for the new couple.

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