The Children's Health Department of our hospital is a diversified and comprehensive department integrating preventive health care, clinical and scientific research. The outpatient clinic mainly conducts preventive health care guidance, diagnosis and treatment, growth promotion, and guidance and intervention training for high-risk children. It is responsible for the management of the child health part of the maternal and child health work in the seven counties of Fuzhou City. Guidance and training tasks, and undertake performance assessment and training of Fuzhou National Basic Public Health Child Health Project, national and Fuzhou city child under five death monitoring project work, national under five child nutrition and health monitoring project work, Fuzhou child care Management and guidance of health care work in gardens. It also diagnoses and treats various problems that occur during the growth and development of children. There are currently pediatric clinics, child growth and development clinics, high-risk pediatric clinics, eye health clinics, oral clinics, ENT clinics, and mental health clinics.

Introduction of main service items:

Pediatric clinic: diagnosis and treatment of common and frequently-occurring diseases in children; diagnosis and treatment of nutritional diseases in children; diagnosis and treatment of rickets in children, etc.

Growth and development clinics: physical examinations for infants and young children, physical examinations for infants for 42 days, physical examinations for children entering school (school), child nutrition and feeding consultation and guidance, etc.

High-risk child clinic: screening and diagnosis of high-risk children with brain injury, family intervention training guidance for high-risk children with brain injury, etc.

Eye health clinic: Pediatric vision clinic, diagnosis and treatment of children with strabismus are regarded as characteristics.

Main items: General Outpatient Department of Ophthalmology; Screening for Eye Diseases in Infants and Young Children; Special Vision Testing for Children; Refractive Screening; Medical Optometry; Diagnosis and Treatment of Myopia, Hyperopia and Astigmatism; Prevention and Treatment of Strabismus and Amblyopia in Children; Visual Function Reconstruction Training; Sensitivity detection; Color vision examination; Fundus examination; Intraocular pressure examination; Simultaneous machine examination and visual function training; Early childhood visual intervention; Preschool children's eye health guidance; Regular guidance and training of primary child care physicians to conduct eye disease screening and eye health work .

Oral Clinic:

⑴Children's oral cavity-comprehensive prevention and treatment of dental caries in children, painless treatment under the control of STA computer local anesthesia, revascularization of pulp necrosis of young permanent teeth in children, prevention of dental trauma in children, and induction of malocclusion in early childhood The growth improvement of children's skeletal malocclusion, comprehensive correction of malocclusion of children and adolescents.

⑵ Adult oral cavity --- under the principle of ensuring the patient's "health, beauty, function, and comfort", we have carried out tooth whitening resin repair, painless and accurate treatment of pulp pain, minimally invasive extraction of impacted wisdom teeth, Porcelain crown and bridge restoration of missing teeth, comprehensive restoration of missing teeth.

Otolaryngology clinic:

Otorhinolaryngology comprehensive treatment table, nasal endoscope, electric otoscope, imported hearing screening instrument, microwave therapy instrument and other commonly used instruments and equipment in ENT clinics, conducting hearing screening, tinnitus, deafness, otitis media, allergic rhinitis, sinus Diagnosis and treatment of common diseases of otolaryngology such as inflammation, acute and chronic laryngitis.

Child psychobehavioral development clinic:

(1) Carry out the identification and intervention of children's psychological diseases; screening and diagnosis of developmental retardation; children with mental and behavioral developmental development who are referred from the grassroots; provide rehabilitation guidance and basic intervention training methods for children with behavioral developmental development

(2) Carry out screening, diagnosis and intervention of autism spectrum disorder, mental retardation (mental retardation), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, etc.

(3) Carry out rehabilitation projects such as language development, cognitive learning, behavioral norms, social interaction, attention training, and improvement of learning ability.

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