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The Department of Stomatology of Fuzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital has always followed the advanced domestic level, and the diagnostic standards and technical methods used have been synchronized with the advanced domestic level. --- 儿童龋病的综合防治、儿童 STA 电脑局麻仪控制下无痛治疗、儿童年轻恒牙牙髓坏死的再血管化、儿童牙外伤防治、儿童早期错牙合畸形的咬合诱导、儿童骨性错牙合的生长改良、儿童青少年错牙合畸形的综合矫治。 The main daily diagnosis and treatment contents are: ⑴ children's oral cavity- comprehensive prevention and treatment of children's dental caries , painless treatment under the control of local STA computer local anesthesia, revascularization of dental pulp necrosis of young permanent teeth, prevention and treatment of childhood dental trauma, early childhood errors Induction of occlusal malocclusion, improvement of growth of children's osseous malocclusion, comprehensive treatment of malocclusion of children and adolescents. --- 在保证患者“健康、美观、功能、舒适”的治疗原则下,福州市妇幼保健院口腔科采购了美国 STA 电脑局麻仪、美国卡瓦热牙胶根管充填仪、德国 VDW 根管马达、瑞士 EMS 超声根管治疗仪、美国登仕柏根管长度测量仪、美国卡瓦 X 线机和数字化读片宝、德国西诺德牙科综合治疗台等一大批先进仪器和设备,开展了牙体缺损美白树脂修复、牙髓痛的无痛精确治疗、智齿阻生牙的微创拔除、缺失牙的烤瓷冠桥修复、全口缺失牙的综合修复。 ⑵ Adult oral cavity --- Under the principle of ensuring the patient's "health, beauty, function, and comfort" treatment, the Department of Stomatology of Fuzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital purchased the United States STA Computer Local Anesthesia Apparatus, American Kava Hot Teeth Root Canal Instrument, A large number of advanced instruments, such as German VDW root canal motor, Swiss EMS ultrasonic root canal treatment instrument, American Deng Shibo root canal length measuring instrument, American KaVo X- ray machine and digital film reader, German West Nord dental comprehensive treatment table, etc. The equipment has carried out tooth whitening resin repair, painless and precise treatment of pulp pain, minimally invasive extraction of wisdom tooth impacted teeth, porcelain crown bridge repair of missing teeth, and comprehensive repair of missing teeth.

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