Fuzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital was established in April 1953. It is a member unit of the Pregnancy and Hypertension Diseases Group of the Chinese Medical Association Obstetrics and Gynecology Branch; the deputy director member unit of the Fujian Province Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine Obstetrics and Gynecology Branch; Standing Committee of Branch, Perinatal Medicine Branch, Genetic Medicine Branch, Family Planning Branch, Popular Science Branch; Chairman of the Fuzhou Medical Association Perinatal Medicine Branch; Member of the National Health Industry Enterprise Management Association Pelvic Floor Reconstruction Training Base, Fuzhou Children's Dental Disease Anchor point of prevention center.

The hospital adheres to the people's health as the center, and takes “all for the health of women and children” as its purpose. It integrates health care with clinical maternal and child health work principles, and strives to build a “strong specialist and small comprehensive” medical service model. The diagnosis and treatment business covers gynecology, Obstetrics, Women's Health, Pediatrics, Child Health, Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, Breast, Family Planning, Reproductive Health and Infertility, Surgery, Internal Medicine, Stomatology, Otorhinolaryngology, Ophthalmology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nutrition Etc., carry out child growth and development clinics, child autism spectrum disorder diagnosis and treatment interventions, fragile children's clinics, short children's clinics, happy childbirth, prevention and treatment of high-risk pregnancy, fetal distress, gestational diabetes, pregnancy hypertension, painless delivery, Advantageous items featuring vaginal midwifery, cesarean section, care after abortion, TCM Outpatient Clinic, Menopausal Outpatient Clinic, Oral Comfort Clinic, Gynecological Micro-Noninvasive Technique, etc.

The new Fuzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital is adjacent to the Cangshan Olympic Sports Center, with 500 beds, and will open in 2020. In recent years, the hospital has introduced experts in various disciplines from the top three hospitals inside and outside the province, has a strong technical team of medical experts, and is equipped with high-end real-time four-dimensional color ultrasound, tomographic mammography system, high-definition endoscope system, PCR laboratory, fully automatic drug delivery system, digital surgery Laboratories, advanced inspection and testing equipment (systems), and imported high-end CT, MRI, etc., will be built with distinctive features, obvious advantages, talent gathering, high-quality services, sound systems, excellent culture, and integrate medical, scientific research, teaching, prevention, and rehabilitation. The integrated intelligent information-based top three maternal and child health hospitals provide women and children in Fuzhou and surrounding areas with comprehensive medical and health care services throughout the life cycle.

Address: No. 85, Liuyi Middle Road, Gulou District, Fuzhou

Phone: (0591) 83308102

Bus route: You can take buses 17, 74, 93, 306, K2, 129, and 316 and get off at Ziyi Interchange (Dongguang Garden) on Liuyi Middle Road.

Tel: 0591-83308102 (in class), 0591-83308755 (out-class) Fax: 0591-83309007 E-mail: fzfy_bgs@126.com

Address: No. 85, Liuyi Middle Road, Fuzhou City, Zip Code: 350005
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